* Your program is eligible for the 2017 Rockie Awards Program Competition if the entry’s first release was somewhere in the world between January 1st, 2016 March 17th, 2017 (no earlier than Jan. 1st, 2016 and no later than March 17, 2017).

* All components (entry form, videos and payment in full), must be submitted by Friday, March 24th at 5PM EST. Entries received after this closing deadline will not be eligible.

* Co-production partners should confer to agree which organization will be the entrant so as to avoid duplicate entries. Duplicate entries will not be refunded.

* It is the entrant’s responsibility to choose the correct category for each entry. Your program is judged in the category which you select. We reserve the right to move submissions into categories deemed suitable, however entries submitted in incorrect categories will not be refunded.

* One program may be eligible and considered for multiple categories but separate fees are charged for each category entered by the same program. Duplicate entries in the same category will not be refunded.

* Do not resubmit entries or episodes from previous years. Only new episodes of previously submitted series are eligible. Resubmitted entries from previous years will not be refunded.

*All programs that are originally produced in a language other than English must be dubbed or subtitled in English. (Even when submitting to the Foreign Language Categories.) Subtitles are much preferred over dubbed entries.

The Rogers Prize for Excellence in Canadian Content

* All completed submissions from independent Canadian producers (co-productions and partnerships with other countries are allowed), will be automatically entered to be eligible for the Rogers Prize for Excellence in Canadian Content.

* The top five scored Canadian submissions across all categories: (Animation, Children and Youth Fiction, Children and Youth Non-Fiction, Comedy Series: English Language, Comedy Series: Foreign Language, Digital Fiction Series, Digital Non-Fiction Series, Drama Series: English Language, Drama Series: Foreign Language, Environmental and Wildlife, History and Biography, Interactive Content, Interactive Content for Kids and Youth, Lifestyle, Melodrama, Music, Performance, Arts and Variety, Pre-School, Reality, Science and Technology, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Action, Social and Investigative, Television Miniseries and Television Movie), will be adjudicated by our Rogers Prize Jury.  

* A cash prize of $25,000 will be awarded to the independent Canadian producer associated with the project.

* Networks and Broadcasters are not eligible for the cash prize.  All decisions are made by the jury at their discretion and are final. 

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